Reinforce Hearthstone


Lesser Heal (Lesser Heal) Hearthstone

Lesser Heal Type: Hero Power Class: Priest Cost: 2 Abilities: Restore Health Hero Power Restore 2 Health.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Lesser Heal is the priest s basic Hero Power. Contents 1 Notes 2
Lethal (Lethal) Hearthstone

Lethal is a term used in Hearthstone to refer to damage sufficient to defeat the enemy hero, and win the game. "Having lethal" is used as a measure of imminent and unavoidable success, similar to
Joust (Joust) Hearthstone

A Joust in progress Joust is an ability that causes a minion to be revealed at random from the deck of each player. If the player who initiated the Joust has the higher mana cost